Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Dag With Shawn

There are some records & bands that I just can't resist buying. And whilst I never really set out to collect Dag Nasty records, I have managed to amass quite a good collection as the years have rolled by. The latest is this clear vinyl (officially referred to as 'sea glass' by Dichord) repress of the 'Dag With Shawn' LP.

I had no idea when this originally came out. It could have been 5, 10 or 15 years ago and I wouldn't have been surprised. Turns out that the blue vinyl copy that I bought was back in 2014, which is close to 7 years ago. Nuts.

For anyone unaware, this is a recording of the original Dag Nasty line up, with Shawn Brown on vocals. These songs were recorded way back in 1985, and then Shawn left and Dave Smalley stepped in and the rest is history. Of the 9 songs on this record, 8 were re-recorded and appeared on the 'Can I Say' LP. So it's cool that these songs were pressed on vinyl, as I'm sure some people out there would prefer Shawn's vocals to Dave's.

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