Sunday, 13 June 2021

Blasting Concept

With the recent limited colour vinyl represses of some of the releases on It's Alive Records, I decided to look through the label's discography and find out what other stuff they may have released that I knew nothing about. One thing that caught my eye was the cover art for a 12" by a band called Blasting Concept. Featuring a skeleton wearing a purple rode riding a motorbike through flames, it looked like it could be pretty interesting. I managed to find the song online to listen to and was into it within about 5 seconds. So I knew I needed to own a copy.

Rather disappointingly, my copy doesn't quite look as cool as to online version as the rider isn't wearing the cool looking purple robe. But speaking to Fred who released this, it's because they didn't have much purple ink so only a few of the sleeves were 'full colour'.

The band's bandcamp page describes them as simply BL'AST! meets Mountain. Played by retards. What a great description, haha! Personally, this reminds me a lot of the second Annilhilation Time LP generally speaking, but there's one song that sounds super like the band Magic Cirle too. It's like hardcore 70s rock. Very damn catchy and head bob inducing, and perfect for Summer days.

I also love how this has such a DIY feel to it, with a screen printed cover and blank label on one side. With only 300 were pressed back in 2010, this is one of those records that is probably only really known around their local area in California. Interestingly, it seems that they had a full length put out by Ebullition Records in 2015. I'll probably check that out at some point, although the cover art is pretty much the opposite to this record, i.e. it's kinda off putting.

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Mike said...

This definitely sounds interesting. I may have to check it out.