Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How The Nerds Chill

One of my favourite LPs from the last couple of years is the second full length from Cold World, 'How The Gods Chill'. Back when this came out in 2014, I was REALLY into it. So much so that I bought three copies of the damn thing. But you know how it is. Sometimes three is not enough. And when I saw a test press for sale, I couldn't help myself.

I was pretty stoked on the test, but then of course I started to get that nagging feeling that there was one copy I was missing. Back when this came out, there was a clear blue vinyl version which was sold at whatever fest they played at. It kinda felt wrong to not have one, so I then had to start looking. Fortunately I found one for super cheap, which made the task more bearable.

It's always nice when the vinyl colors match the artwork. And this release is a great example of that.


Willem Termote said...

Great post and great Rainbo test, Deathwish tests aren't easy to get.

Mike said...

I think I downloaded these songs three years ago, when you last posted about this record. Still haven't listened to them.

I will say though, that colored vinyl combo may be the best match to the album cover that I've seen. The group of them look amazing.