Sunday, 28 May 2017

Face Reality

This collection was a long time in the making. I used to only be interested in owning one copy of each record, but somewhere along the lines that changed and I started picking up multiple copies. I had a blue vinyl Hard Stance 'Face Reality' 7" since the early 90s, but it wasn't until 2012 that I picked up a second (green) copy. At this point I guess I was pretty much committed to trying to collect the set of all four colours.

The red vinyl copy of this 7" has always seemed like the most elusive. I've seen far fewer red copies over the years than any other color. So when I saw one pop up for sale, I knew I should grab it.

After I had bagged the red copy, by coincidence a clear vinyl one appeared on eBay UK. It felt like destiny. I then won it and was the only bidder. It cost next to nothing, which made it even sweeter.

So after nearly five years since I last picked up a Hard Stance 7", I picked up two within the space of a month of each other. And of course, for anyone who can count, that meant that I now had all four colours.


Nico said...

Do you need a copy on black too?

mcs said...

I actually have a black vinyl Conversion pressing. But no, generally I don't collect black copies.

nico said...

Okay, I always felt that the black vinyl is a part of the full set.

Face Reality 7" - Workshed Records #1 - 1988
1st Press -
1,000 Blue Vinyl
2nd Press -
1,000 Red Vinyl
3rd Press -
1,000 Green Vinyl
4th Press -
1,000 Black Vinyl
5th Press -
1,000 Clear Vinyl

mcs said...

Technically, yes, black is part of the full set. But just like the Black Flag 7"s, I'm only collecting the colour vinyl copies.

Mike said...

Great looking group picture!