Wednesday, 28 September 2016


When I first picked up the debut 7" by ARM'S RACE at the start of last year, I wasn't really into the vocals. In time, however, they grew on me, so I was excited to get the debut full length when it came out a few weeks ago. It was released by La Vida Es Un Mus Discos and arrived at my door about two days after I placed the order.

As you can see, this LP is cheekily titled 'New Wave Of British Hardcore', which is an interesting choice. I'm not sure if that phrase has now become a joke but I half expect so. Anyway, I grabbed one of the copies on limited white vinyl, which also has a screen printed inner sleeve. It looks pretty damn cool too.

At the time I thought this was the only pressing of this record, but soon after realised that there is also a US press by the mighty Painkiller Records. Some of those come on red vinyl, and I'd quite like one, but doubt that the label have any left.

At the time of me writing this, there are still some white copies available, so you should probably grab one while you still can.


geoff said...

i havent listened to this, and guess what..... i will now. (thank you)

mcs said...

I doubt this one will be for you, geoff. But let me know if I'm wrong and you like it.

geoff said...

as always, you were correct. i couldnt get past the vocals. they did progress as it went on, but it just didnt grab me.