Sunday, 2 October 2016

Come Out Swinging

It's always cool to get records from actual humans in real life, as opposed to through the mail. Last week Ralf was visiting London and came round to visit me at my house. A few weeks previous he had made the decision to get rid of his Champion records, and I was keen to get in on the action so I could fill a couple of gaps in my collection.

It's been 13 years since Bridge Nine released the 'Come Out Swinging' 7". I vaguely remember pre-ordering it at the time and getting one green vinyl and one clear vinyl. It was probably a good couple of years until I realised that there were two different shades of green vinyl out there. Over the years it was never really a priority, to the point where I had forgotten which version I had. Well, with Ralf offering both for sale recently, I decided to check, and realised that it was the dark one I was missing.

So finally I have both of the green variants. About time.

Well, you know what they say about Champion records. They're like buses. You don't buy any for years, then two come along at once. As well as the darker green vinyl copy above, I also managed to score the Posi nubers press, which is the same darker green vinyl with stamped labels in a limited sleeve.

This one was made for Posi Numbers back in 2003. There were 116 made, numbered on the back of the sleeve.

So after picking up the two I was missing, the only thing left to do was take a photo of them together. A bit like this:

I guess most people like to collect records. Me, I think I just wait until they come to me. As you have probably realised, sometimes it takes a while.

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itallcomesdowntothis said...

Thanks again for having me. It was a fun evening and I hope we can repeat that at one point.