Monday, 19 September 2016

Over My Dead Body

I was always a fan of OVER MY DEAD BODY back when they were going around the turn of the century. They were a straight edge hardcore band, but with a very punk edge. They covered The Sex Pistols and Reagan Youth on their records, and had an obvious interest in English football. To me, they stood out from the crowd at the time. I haven't listened to them in a long time, but a few weeks ago I got a chance to pick up test pressings of both of their full lengths, so I jumped at it.

The first LP, 'Rusty Medals And Broken Badges' was released by Indecision Records in 2001. The test press came in this plain white sleeve with a sticker on the front. Not sure if they all came like this or whether a previous owner made this sleeve themselves. Regardless, most Indecision releases only had 8 tests made, so it's a pretty major deal to score one.

Here's a pic of the test with the regular record cover, because it somehow looks more interesting.

The second LP, 'Sink Or Swim' was released by Takeover Records in 2003. This is such a great LP, and reminds me of the first Bane LP in several places. I vaguely recall some kind of controversy surrounding this when it came out, although I can't remember exactly what it was. Maybe just that some of the people who pre-ordered never actually received anything? That old chestnut. Just like the I Hate You discography and the Suicide File / R'N'R split 7" from around the same time. Anyway, I digress. The test press is typically understated in its appearance:

So yup, you guessed it, I decided to take another pic with the regular cover.

I'm not sure that this band are still remembered today to be honest. Shame if not, but the positive side of that is that their records should be pretty cheap to pick up for those of us still looking to fill some gaps.

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