Saturday, 1 March 2014


It's been a longass time since I bought a Ringworm record. At least ten years. I saw them play in about 2005 in London and the whole day was just awful. I was so disgusted that I went for about five years without listening to them at all. Then I woke back up when this 'Scars' LP was released a couple of years back... although somehow I've only just got around to buying a copy. This is the clear with black smoke' colour which Victory seem to now press every record on. A bit like Relapse has always pressed everything on clear out of 100 copies, Victory now press 100 copies of everything on this colour. The regular colour of this one is red, which looks way better with the cover art if you ask me, but I'm happy to have this more limited version.

I still haven't checked out the previous two Ringworm records before this one. I might have to correct that. Oh, and then there's a new one coming out this month on Relapse too. Could be the year of the Ringworm for me. We shall see...


DCF said...

I think Scars is a pretty cool album, as is Justice replaced by revenge.
I really don't like the album in between at all, as it left the pissed of up-tempo stuff behind for much heavier dose of midtempo metal.
And I really don't care for the supposedly totally classic The Promise either.
So all in all, Ringworm has really been a puzzling band to me.

Anonymous said...

You missed out Birth Is Pain, the only Ringworm album you actually need!