Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Safe Place

I've always loved Coalesce. I started listening to them from when they only had one 7" and I have everything right up to the last release. I think it was when the first album came out that put them at that next level. I remember listening to it when it had just come out whilst walking to work and just being in awe of how good it was. I still get the same feeling when I listen to them today. I always associate them with Converge. Why? Well, both bands started around the same time, their names mean similar things and have several similarities (both are 8 letter names that start with a 'C', have an 'o' as the second letter, an 'e' as the fifth letter and end with an 'e')... oh, and they did a split 7" together. I guess most people prefer Converge of the two bands, but Coalesce was always my stand out favourite.

Well anyway, I have a few Coalesce records, but am far from having a complete collection. I don't even want to collect everything as there are way too many pressings and variants of many of their records. At this point I'm just trying to pick up their most interesting pressings. Like this one for example - a 'Chicago Weekend' version of their 'A Safe Place' 7":

The cover says 'Limited edition of 75' although it is not numbered. It also has plain white labels, which I think is kinda cool as it gives a great DIY feel.

I have only ever seen once before, on eBay, about a year ago. I bid on it but didn't win. But in a bizarre twist of fate, this is that very same copy. So I guess I won in the end.

As is often the case, this latest version made me pull out my other copies to take a group photo.

Aside from test pressings, there are only really three Coalesce records I'm fussed about now - two variants of 'Functioning On Impatience' (the 4th press purple vinyl, the 5th press solid orange vinyl), and the black vinyl pressing of 'Give Them Rope' that comes in a burlap sack. If anyone wants to sell me these then get in touch. Ta!

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J@screamingforrecords said...

Love Coalesce, Love that group shot!