Saturday, 22 March 2014

No More Games

Back in June last year, Chris posted a new version of the Striking Distance 'March To Your Grave' LP that I hadn't seen before. It was made for something called Damaged City Fest that took place last year for which the band reformed to play a set. This album was originally released by Thorp Records on CD and by Youngblood on LP. I remember opening the package containing my green vinyl copy like it was yesterday, except it was about 13 years ago now, which seems insane. Well anyway, I love this LP, so when I realised that there was a new version available, I wanted in on the action. So here we are:

This new pressing is on black vinyl and comes with a new insert. The sleeve is screen printed on black card and looks pretty awesome. It also has different labels than the original pressings.

This version also has the Grave Mistake Records logo on it. I'm not sure exactly what Grave Mistake have to do with this pressing exactly. Did they make the covers, or pay for the pressing? Anyone know?

Well, after picking this up and taking the photos, I thought I would get my other copies out and take a group shot.

Shown in the photo are:

Damaged City Fest 2013 pressing /200, Yellow vinyl Posi numbers 2003 pressing /100
Green vinyl, Winter Tour 2002 pressing /100, Green vinyl with regular cover /375
Test press (orange cover) /24, Pre-release (red cover) black vinyl /126

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Anonymous said...

The Striking Distance LP gets a reissue, it is a corelease by Grave Mistake and Youngblood. It was originally scheduled for 2013 (or even 2012?), but the regular press is still outstanding. The one you picked up is a pre-release they made for one or two fests which Striking Distance played in 2013.