Saturday, 18 May 2013

Version Number Fives

Picked up a couple of records through a message board private sale recently. One LP and one 7", one old and one new(ish), and both of which were the fifth copies of each record. I still don't have complete collections of either, but I'm slowly getting there.

First up is the grey vinyl Bridge Nine pressing of the Champion 'Promises Kept' LP. I had such an ordeal when this LP originally came out. I pre-ordered two copies and got sent only one, the dark red copy. Over time I picked up the other colours, but the grey always eluded me. I've watched several over the years and they've always gone beyond what I wanted to pay. So it's good to finally bag one.

Excluding the Dead And Gone pressing of this, I now have 5 Bridge Nine copies. I have zero interest in the reissue from last year, I'm also not really interested in the Warehouse versions, and I don't want to shell out for the tests. So I guess all I really need is the regular black vinyl pressing to 'complete' this one.

The second item I snagged was the red vinyl pressing of the second No Tolerance 7". I got all previous versions direct from the label, but somehow Sean had no red copies left. Seems weird as all the other pressings are rarer.

This now marks my fifth copy of this 7" and, just like the Champion LP, all I now need for this one to be complete is the regular black vinyl.

Kinda funny how I have never had any interest in regular black vinyl copies, but these days there are loads I 'need' to complete collections. I should probably make a list of all the black vinyl records I need and start trying to cross them off. I imagine a lot of them will be pretty cheap.


xReganx said...

Nice pick ups. Just to add to you list there are 2 black No Tolerance 7"s you're missing. A first press and a second press. Both should be really easy to find.

Gus Valencia said...

You can grab a second press off of painkiller records if you haven't, good luck!