Monday, 6 May 2013

Purples & Pinks

Doug recently wrote something on Vinyl Noize that is absolutely true:

Uniform Choice collectors are a special breed where if they ever made the move to acquire any color of the Screaming For Change album, they will NEVER settle for just one. Nope, they need them all.

Going back just three years, I owned zero copies of 'Screaming For Change' on colour vinyl. And here I am about to show you pictures of my fourth copy (excluding the reissue). This one appeared on ebay UK a few weeks ago and I did something that I never usually do. I made the seller a private offer. I guess it was partly the excitement of seeing these things for sale in the UK for a change. Well, fortunately for me the seller accepted and a few days later a package turned up.

This is without doubt one of the pinkest copies of this that I have ever seen. It's not easy to take a photo of and get the colour to come out as it is in real life, but I had a go.

I also pulled out my purple copy (which is a very light, more commonly seen purple) to show the exactly how pink this is.

This is one of my all time favourite straight edge hardcore records. It's pretty much perfect. So it's always cool to pick up a new version. And despite now having five copies (including the recent reissue), there are still more I need. It seems unlikely, but if anyone has a lead on a grey marble copy, or a black vinyl with poster first press, please let me know. Or, come to that, one of the 'dirty green' reissues. Get at me.

So as usual, there seemed little point buying just one record, so I also picked up something else that I had been on my want list for a while - a purple vinyl copy of the Vision 'In The Blink Of An Eye' LP. This one is quite a dark purple with some swirls and is also difficult to photograph. This first photo is a less accurate depiction of the colour, but it was the only photo I got showing the record cover so it'll have to do.

This second photo is a much closer representation of how this looks in real life. Dark purple with swirls. Very interesting.

In the reverse of the UC LP situation, I already had a pink copy. So I pulled it out to do a similar comparison photo.

And just like the UC LP, there is still scope to fill this collection out further. I kinda want a 'pure' purple copy of this one now. Probably sounds stupid, but that's record collecting for you.


chris said...

That purple Vision has been on my want list since I traded it years ago. Awesome that you got one!

Mike said...

The pictures in this post look amazing. Nice scores and a great reminder for me to collect this Vision LP.

geoff said...

ive never seen one like that before. that rules.

Across Your Face said...

Amazing record man, LOVE the pink!!!

XjamesX said...

Two flawless records, nice one :)