Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Soaked In Others Rejection

Picked this weird Citizens Arrest 7" up recently. It's a red vinyl copy of the recent-ish 'Soaked In Others Blood' 7". However, unlike the red vinyl copy that I bought when it came out, this one comes in a sleeve which is made up from two pieces of photocopied paper. Like someone just printed off the 7" cover art work in black & white onto super thin paper using a laser printer & cut it out.

The main attraction to this was what is written on the inside of the sleeve. Here's a picture:

So it seems that this is one of 11 rejected copies. Not sure why it was rejected exactly. My guess would be because, like the old H-Street skateboards, it has a hell concave. Or, if you turn it over, it has a hell convex. In other words, it doesn't lay flat. Not that it matters, of course. I mean, people don't actually play these things, right?

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