Tuesday, 23 October 2012

None Left Standing

Another day, another test press. Or three. This was yet another case of 'spot one thing I want then check seller's other items and and buy stuff I am less bothered about because ordering one record seems like a waste of postage money'. Often the case.

So first up is the item I wanted most. It's a test pressing of an LP called 'Stingray Candy 101' by a band called None Left Standing. I can tell you from memory that this came out in 1996, because I remember where I was living at the time. This was back at the peak of the 90s emo screamo type era, when HeartattaCk zine seemed to rule the world and dictate what people listened to. I seem to vaguely recall that HeartattaCk liked this band and record a lot... which to people who were around in the era is probably not a good advert for this band, as a lot of what they liked was, er, questionable to say the least. Maybe not at the time. But definitely with the gift of hindsight.

Anyway, this LP was released by Rhetoric Records. When it came out originally I mail ordered it and received a copy in a special handmade sleeve. I can't be arsed to take a photo of it, but it says 'Feed The Tree' across the front. On the back of the sleeve it says something like 'if you are the lucky recipient of the feed the tree cover then you have won a prize - call this number'. At the time I think I called and there was no answer. Sixteen years later I still don't have my prize. Fuckers. But at least I have this test press to console myself.

This test press does not come in a sleeve, but as usual I just pulled out my regular sleeve to make the photo a little more interesting. Just so you know, like.

Next up is a 7" test pressing of the first Metroschifter 7". If you are old enough and remember this band then good on you. If you don't know who they are then I can't be bothered to explain. But it's a band that I loved back when they were about. I already own one of these tests. I own number two, and this one here is number three of ten. It was cheap so I figured I would give it a good home. Fun fact - a year or so ago I used to own another copy. Possibly number 6. But I sent it to someone in the mail for free. Why? Just because I am a nice dude. It made his day and I'm glad I could cheer someone up just by mailing them a plastic disc. I guess karma delivered another one back to me.

And finally a test press of a 7" by a band called Olive. This was released by the same label that released the above Metroschifter 7", a small label out of Madison, Wisconsin called Foresight records. Back in the late 90s I was kind of pen pals with the dude who ran this label. I have tests of most things he put out. I can't even remember what this band sounds like to be honest, and I haven't had time to spin this to reacquaint myself, but I just figured that it was cheap and there were only three tests made, so might as well pick it up.

Suddenly it occurs to me that I only collect test pressings these days. I mean, that's not entirely true, but it does seem a long time since test pressings seemed rare or hard to get. I must have probably 150 of them by now or something stupid. They're hard to resist though if they're cheap. Hmmmmm.


Mike said...

I bought all of these when they originally came out. The only one that I every really spent any time with was the None Left Standing LP. I remember seeing pictures of the band playing live, and one of the guys was wearing a Bold shirt...I thought that was the coolest thing in the world.

mmmmmatt said...

Where did you pick this up? While it has been sixteen years, I can still provide you with some sort of prize of sorts. Instead of calling the number, you can reach me at: eres256@gmail.com

-Matt Mangan