Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Prodigal Son Brings... Records

Following on from the Search post, here are the other records I received as a part of the same trade deal. I'm putting them as a separate post as it somehow didn't feel right adding them to the end of the Search post.

This one's a funny one, but I saw a copy of the Mind Eraser 'The Prodigal Son Brings Death' 7" a few months ago on this particular colour of vinyl, and it made me wonder if I owned it. In my head I had three copies and this wasn't one of them. So I checked, and I was correct - I owned three colours, but not this particular colour. And I couldn't think why that was the case, given that I thought I owned pretty much everything from Youngblood. Well anyway, I then saw one for sale on ebay, and bid and won it. But somehow forgot to pay for it. And then I started negotiating a trade with the person who was selling it, so he just threw it in as a part of the trade deal, which was nice as it saved me some hard cash.

I'm not sure how to refer to this colour. It looks kinda brown, but when held up to the light it's more like gold with black swirls. Whatever. Anyway, it's a colour I didn't have, so I'm happy. Here's my updated lot of this one:

Now, I was happy with the trade right there. But dude was under the impression he still owed me more to make it an even trade. So to keep him happy in feeling that the trade was even, I happily accepted the offer of yet more versions of a couple of LPs I already own. Just because... well, you know. The first of the two is this clear & white vinyl version of the last Blacklisted LP, 'When People Grow, People Go'. I was into this LP when it came out a couple of years ago, and at the time I picked up the rarest colour, which just so happened to be the one that loooked the worst (benig a blue and pink swirl). I always thought that this white & clear version looked visually the most interesting, so figured I woud take one if it was being offered:

The second LP I got was this purple vinyl copy of the Gypsy LP:

It's funny how when I fist picked up the Gypsy LP when it was released in 2012 and a local shop had a couple of the colours, but I said back then that I didn't need more than one of this one. And now here I am adding a 4th copy to my collection, leaving only one that I don't have. You probably don't need to have special powers to predict how this story is going to turn out...


Willem Termote said...

that purple marbled record looks great, can't stop looking at it.

Mike said...

I've managed to go this long with only one copy of that Gypsy album, but every six months I toss around the idea of buying another pressing.

xhotandfatx said...

That Blacklisted is one of my favorite lp's. Ive been fortunate enough to find every variant except a test. DW tests don't come up too often so it's not too much of a priority.