Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Another Day Rising

So I've been collecting Hüsker Dü records for five years now. It all started when I picked up a grey vinyl repress of the 'New Day Rising' LP. Around the same time, I saw a blue vinyl copy on eBay UK, which ended insanely cheap (like £5) but I forgot to bid. I figured that another one would pop up pretty soon and I would win it for cheap. But that didn't happen. I guess that around the time I got into them, so did lots of other people, helped in no small part by Record Store Day reissues. Anyhow, five years later and a blue copy finally fell into my hands.

What is REALLY interesting about this copy is that it comes with an insert. Now, I have a few SST Records releases in my collection, and aside from the standard SST catalog that used to come in every 12" back in the late 80s and early 90s, I have NEVER seen or heard of any SST release which contains an insert. So this is pretty cool. As you may expect, the insert contains the lyrics.

I was only saying to Nico a couple of weeks ago that I have no idea what the pressing info is for this LP. I had assumed that the blue vinyl was the first color pressing made from back in the early 90s, but I wasn't sure. With the discovery of this insert inside the sleeve, however, I'm a lot more confident that is the case and that this must be an earlier pressing than the other copies I own which do not have the insert.

The other two colours of this that I own I am pretty sure are recent represses. The grey one I bought in a shop in 2012, and the purpley one I'd bet money is also a variant from the same press.

I think that there was an early 90s pressing of this LP on grey marble vinyl, as I have seen one on eBay which had the 90s 'color vinyl' gold sticker on the shrink wrap, and they definitely don't use those stckers anymore. So assuming I am right and this thing exists, clearly I now need one of those too.


nico said...

I feel blue is the best possible color for this LP, the combination looks great.

hell said...

I used to have a black copy and it did indeed have an insert. I just got the "blue" vinyl and it's lovely. It also has an insert. I know what you mean how it seems weird because SST stuff never really had inserts included with their vinyl.