Sunday, 10 August 2014

Worst Cover Ever?

I was never too fussed about collecting the european pressing of the In My Eyes 'Demo' 7". I got one copy back when it came out, and found the thing to look boring and uninspiring. So no need to own more than one of the things. But back then I never knew that there was a super limited tour version. Recently I decided to pick one up because the price was reasonable, and there are apparently only 40 copies in existence.

This isn't much to look at. Like the regular version, the cover and labels of the record is devoid of pictures or artwork. Instead we are presented with just text. It's unlikely to ever win any prizes for graphic design.

I was looking for info on this online, and I read on Kyle's blog that he used to own #24/40, which obviously suggests that they are numbered. But this one isn't. If anyone out there reading this has one, please let me know if your copy is numbered (and if so where it's numbered). Thanks!


Anonymous said...


i have a #25/40 . its numberd on the back with a black marker.

mcs said...

Thanks Tom! Clearly mine is not one of the 40. I guess there were 40 numbered and then more not numbered. Damnit. Any chance you could send me a photo of yours so I can see it?

Rick Smith said...

my copy is also not numbered

Daniel Nätterdal said...

My copy is not numbered either. I always wondered why they made that tour cover in only 40 copies. No big surprise really, considering how cheap it is.