Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What Happened To Blue?

Mindset's 'Leave No Doubt' LP was one of my favourite records of last year, so when the label put up a pre-order for two new colours of vinyl, I pulled the trigger. The pressing was to be 250 on yellow and 750 on white/blue mix. Cool.

Well, when the records came back from the plant the numbers and colours got reversed, so that the white/blue mix ended up being the most limited colour out of 250, whereas the yellow ended up being the common colour out of 750. Not really a problem for most I would think, given that most people placing an order who ordered two wouldn't care what the numbers were behind them.

What was slightly puzzling (and disappointing) was that the white/blue mix is basically white. I'm not even sure that Columbo could locate the blue in one of these things. To illustrate what I'm talking about, here's a picture of my white/blue mix next to my plain old white copy.

Study the picture closely and let me know which you think is which.

1 comment:

Handsome Pete said...

Now that I know I care.

Not really. I like the look of the yellow.