Sunday, 3 August 2014

Life On The James Release Show Cover

Revelation aren't always up to date with their pressing info on their discography. Sometimes, especially in recent years, bands make their own covers for their records and the label don't seem to know about it. Such is the case here. The release show version of Down To Nothing's 'Life On The James' LP.

As is often the case, this limited cover is just is a piece of card folded around a regular version of the LP:

What I like about this one is that it looks like the release show version of thee last DTN LP 'The Most'. I'm guessing the same person did the artwork. Shame they didn't also do the artwork for the release show version of the first LP, or there would be a nice little collection going on.

I dug the previous two release show covers out for a group shot. See what I mean about the first one kinda ruining the photo?

I don't think there was any kind of special sleeve for the 'Unbreakable' 12", but if anyone knows differently then please let me know. And ideally, send me one.


chris said...

All look amazing but the last two definitely trump the first one.

Wei L. said...

dang, that is some nice potential ink material