Tuesday, 12 August 2014

In My Blood

I really enjoyed the second Stick Together 7". More than the first 7" in fact. And by far the coolest version out there is this special In My Blood Records version. This is a white vinyl record put out by Triple B Records, with a limited cover made by In My Blood Records (who released some 7" by a band called Floorpunch back in the 90s). The cover was made for This Is Hardcore 2012 and is numbered out of 100 copies. The 7" also has a pretty rad sticker on the paper dust sleeve, although it seems the end got cut off of the band's name on mine.

I got number 48/100, which is cool because it's the same as my 'special' Judge record.

At first I didn't like this second 7". It seemed slower and more bland then the first. But it time it grew on me and I now much prefer it to the first one. Picking this limited version up made me wonder what happened to the LP. I thought it was supposed to come out last year, and it's been quite a while since it was last mentioned. Triple B seems to have gone a bit quiet on the matter too now. I hope it ends up coming out at some point, but at this point I'm not holding my breath. Anyone know anything?

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