Friday, 8 August 2014


Another 2014 new release, and (just like the Adult Crash 12" I featured a couple of days ago), this one also comes on clear vinyl. This is the demo by a band called Column, from Seattle. I first read about this band on Chris's blog and was intrigued enough by what he wrote to check the band out. I liked what I heard so decided to order the record. I hoped that if I got my order in quick enough I would get one of the limited to 100 clear vinyl copies... which I obviously did.

As everyone else had already said, this has a very strong Mouthpiece feel to it. There's even a song called 'Can We Know?' which is pretty close to 'Can We Win?', the first song from the first Mouthpiece 7". One of the other songs also reminds me of the Mouthpiece song 'Cinder' too. Not that any of this is a bad thing, by the way.

Already looking forward to what may come next for this band. A full length would be good.

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