Monday, 17 March 2014

The Difference Between Us... Is That I Care

I was going to put up a different post today, but some other fool put up a post saying that he wished there was a Rev reissue checklist available, so I thought I'd do my bit to help out. And whilst I can't be arsed to make a check list using actual words, what I can do is put up some pictures of the last few of these things that I bought... which is the probably the latest ones available (aside from the two or three they pressed the day I after I placed my order, as always happens). I seem to post one of these Rev reissue catch up posts every couple of months, and as usual I'm just going to put up pictures in alphabetical order. I'm also going to leave out words as I don't think any are necessary.

So about that checklist... well, if you really want to see if you missed anything then you should just click on the 'Revelation Records' label on this blog and scroll down to see everything that's been re-pressed and re-issued in the last couple of years. I'm probably one of only about three people to have bought every single one of them (which includes at least two Shai Hulud records!). Christ.


Handsome Pete said...

There's the four seven inches pressed for the Chicago show. Into Another. Sense Field. Quicksand.

There got to be too many so I quit with the spending...

Mike said...

Ha ha...well played.