Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Violent Reaction US 7"

So I finally got my order for the US pressing of the Violent Reaction 7". In theory I should have been one of the first to blog about this one, as I got my order in on the first day and they were sent out only a day or two later. However, due to a postal system mystery, the parcel took two and a half months to reach me. Still, can't complain. Better than two and a half months than never showing up at all.

You've seen these on other blogs by now and you probably have your own copies, so I'm just going to cut straight to the photos. The colour breakdown was White (100), Red (300) and Black (600).

Great to see this 7" on colour vinyl, but kinda funny that it took a US label to put it together, as neither of the three pressings made in the UK bothered with anything other than black.

If anyone still needs one of these, the red and black vinyl copies are still available in the Mind Rot Store. Go get 'em!

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