Monday, 15 July 2013

Integrity Catch Up Volume 20

After missing a few variants of a few releases in the past couple of years, I'm constantly playing Integrity catch up. Just when I manage to grab a few and catch up, another release or two will appear with at least 4 versions of each, three of which I will miss. It's pretty much a constant cycle.

Well, 2013 brings us a new Integrity album and this one is called 'Suicide Black Snake'. There are about 9 versions of this one (unfortunately I'm not exxaggerating). I managed to pick up two. The silver one was an A389 pre-order. The white one came from the Holy Terror webstore. I have no idea how many there are of each. But there are at least 7 more versions I need.

It also comes with a massive poster of the cover art. Did I mention that it's massive?

Next, I picked up a grey vinyl copy of the 'Black Heksen Rise' 7". This record is basically the split with Rot In Hell, but without the Rot In Hell songs. This came on three colours, but this is the only version I have, meaning I still need two.

Next, yet another copy of the VValpurgisnacht 7", this time on glow in the dark vinyl with a green Charlie sleeve:

I also picked up a clear green copy. I think in the store it said clear, but I got sent a clear green one, which I already had, so I now have a spare. Bummer. I still need a clear one, and probably some other versions of this given thet there are hundreds of variants out there. It's a sad day when you have about 18 different versions of a 7" and there are still more that you need.

Next up, a test of the Integrity / Gehenna split 7". The test is probably the rarest, so I'm glad to have picked it up, but I still need three more versions of this one.

And finally, a test press of this year's Integrity release made for Record Store Day - the 'Systems Overload' A2 / Orr Remix LP. I have this test and the red vinyl, but I don't have the black vinyl.

Anyway, as this post shows, no matter how many Integrity records I pick up, there are at least the same number that I missed. I wonder if I'll ever be able to catch up... let alone make a dent in the older releases I'm missing.

Two more tests brings the total for the year to 33.


Willem Termote said...

I also saw three tour versions on FB today. All three said to be out of 100 copies.

*Leffe (beer) with blood splatter
*Round & Round vinyl
*clear fuchsia (M.A.N)

there's also an opaque gold

And I have a multicolored splatter version.

Mike said...

And you think I'm crazy for trying to keep up with Have Heart pressings?

Stefan Sonic said...

there were 8 colors for the first press, 7 colors for the 2nd press

Dakota said...

There's actually 3 official colors of the Green Charlie Walpurgisnacht. Glow, Dark Clear Green, and the Green Haze that you have.I got a clear one from Dom but he said it was more of a transition color. I'd email him and see if he still has any.