Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rev 25 Chicago

What a roller coaster this one was. A couple of weeks before the Rev 25 Chicago shows were scheduled to take place, the internet started to fill up with pictures of clear vinyl 7"s. Part of me wonders whether this was some kind of plot to try to sell more tickets to the event, as I heard they weren't as populated as the NYC and CA shows. Whatever the reason though, Rev collectors the world over started to call in favours with anyone they may know who might possibly be going to the show. Other sat back and confidently figured on buying leftovers from RevHQ after the event. I didn't really have a plan. I had previously figured on getting the limited colors of the Rev 25 compilation LPs from RevHQ, but that didn't happen, so there was no reason to be confident about getting these 7"s either. I crossed my fingers and hoped... and then a few weeks later, one day I woke up to see messages on the internet that the left over 7"s had gone up for sale at RevHQ, and subsequently sold out. All whilst I was asleep. The next day, apparently a few more went up for sale, and these also sold out in minutes. It looked like game over and I missed out. But then a couple of weeks ago I was on the train to work, catching up on the internet, and some good samaritan on the Rev Collectors Board had decided to let us know that there was another round of 7"s up for sale. I went straight there and placed the order on my iphone on the train to work. Ah, technology!

The only catch this time around was that you had to buy the 7"s as a part of a bundle. Here's the other stuff I got sent. Two shirts, three posters, a mug and an LP.

Aside from the 7"s, the mug was the thing I actually wanted. I thought it would sit well with the other mug that I bought like 10 years ago or whenever it may have been. I think they look pretty good together.

Oh yeah, I also got another of the Rev 25 NYC LP on clear. I guess that'll be going to eBay at some point. So here's the whole lot together:

Ok, a bit of smart work there by Rev, getting rid of all this excess, unwanted stuff by bundling it with something that people badly do want. A bit of an excuse to charge more too... although I don't think it was too bad a deal. The bundle was $60 (plus postage). Considering that a couple of days later a pack of the four 7"s sold on eBay for over $150, I was happy enough with having to pay the extra items.

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