Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Closed Casket Secrets

I stumbled across a UK seller on eBay who had a lot of good records up from the early 2000s. With a day to go there were some great Count Me Out records sitting at very low prices indeed. I already had them all, but figured on buying them all again as doubles to trade. Well anyway, wouldn't you know it, a day later the prices had all gone up significantly. But I spotted one item that had no bids, which had been sat on my wants list for years, as I never really wanted it badly enough to make a serious play for it. I waited until only a few seconds remained and then whacked in a bid. I was pretty happy to be the only bidder and get it for the measly sum of £2.20. Insane. You probably can't even buy a coffee in Starbucks for that (I don't drink coffee so I don't know for sure).

Anyway, the record in question is a split 12" between two bands who were active circa 2002, THE FINAL PLAN and MY LUCK. This split 12" is titled 'Closed Casket Secrets' and comes in minimal packaging. It sits in a clear plastic sleeve with a very small glossy card 'insert', and has stamped labels. I love stuff like this. Looks so DIY and yet so cool.

This is number 340 out of (I think) 500. I don't know how many CDs they made, but it seems you can still buy the CD from RevHQ for one dollar, so I guess the answer is 'too many'.

I'd almost forgotten, but I actually own a different copy of this which is numbered out of 50 and sits in a sleeve with Michael Jordan on the front. This is what it looks like:

I think I like new copy better. Sometimes less is more, as they say.

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Bill said...

You got it for the price of a medium coffee!

The second copy is cool only because of the Crass logo behind Jordan. Otherwise the first one takes the cake. Both colors are ridiculously gorgeous though. Good split, good win.