Saturday, 20 October 2012

Terribly Sorry, Bob

Mega City Four are a band that my friends used to like when I was about 16, but I didn't. I got to know a few of their songs from hearing them at my friends houses, but I was never bothered. But then earlier this year I somehow got one of their songs in my head, and then ended up downloading half of their catalogue and (even more shockingly) enjoying it. I then found that two of the LPs came on colour vinyl. Months later and I have managed to track one of them down.

'Terribly Sorry Bob' isn't actually an LP, but a compilation of a few of their 7"s. There are some great songs on here. And trust me, they sound better on white vinyl.

I'm still looking for 'Tranzophobia' on blue vinyl, on the off chance that someone reading this can help.

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Mugsey said...

wow, haven't seen that record cover in years.