Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I've posted about a couple of fIREHOSE records before on here over the years. Clearly not many people care. But today's entry is a great score because of the price. A real bargain in my opinion.

The record is the third LP from fIREHOSE, entitled 'fROMOHIO' (and no, don't think that my caps lock has malfunctioned, the band use reverse case letters for their name). Like the two albums before, this one is also on SST Records. This copy was, until two days ago, still sealed in the shrink wrap and also has the 'color vinyl' sticker still present. When I sliced open the shrink I found a mint red vinyl disc inside.

There's a eBay seller who has had one of these up for sale for ages now. It has a starting price of $49.99 and every few days it ends with no bids and dude relists it. I've often been tempted, but held back because I knew it wasn't really worth that much. Anyway, a couple of weeks back I was on eBay and found this sealed copy, which I watched and then eventually won for $13.03!

This is a great record and brings back memories of skateboarding with my friends circa 1990. This album contains the songs from both the Tom Knox and Natas sections of the Santa Cruz speed wheels video 'Speed Freaks'. Here are those sections now:

Tom Knox:


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