Thursday, 27 January 2022

Small Labels

Not the most exciting post of all time, but here are three more Revelation represses on new colours of vinyl. By total coincidence, I visited RevHQ the day that these got delivered, so I was the first person to get a copy of these. I walked out of there with these in my hands a week or two before they went up for sale. I'm sure that in the future this will be a pretty forgettable anecdote. I mean, not as cool as being there the when the first pressings of either of these got delivered back in 1990.

Dealing with these in alphabetical order, first is an orange vinyl pressing of the Inside Out 7". No idea how many were made, but it's probably in the region of 500. Interestingly, this one has a regular sized label.

Next is the Quicksand 7" on clear vinyl. Again, no idea on number pressed, but this one has the weirdly small label. It's not as noticeable on this clear vinyl as it was on the turquiose vinyl last year. But it's noticeable when you lay it next to any of the earlier pressings.

And last but not least, the Youth Of Today 7" on orange vinyl. Again the quantity pressed is unknown, but this one also has the weird small label, and it really stands out to me here.

I visited a pressing plant last week where these were pressed, and I specifically asked about the small labels. I was told that the files sent over with the artwork were a smaller than standard size, and the plant does not correct customer's art. I then also mentioned this to Rev, and I'm not sure that they had realised. So it will be interesting to see if the label size is increased for the next pressing of these, whenever that may be.


Willem RWHAF said...

Any idea how much copies of the yellow Start Today LP were pressed? Looks good!

mcs said...

No idea. Sorry Willem.

Nico said...

It is good you addressed this problem. My OCD was kicking in bad since I found this out.