Friday, 30 December 2016

Wiggin' Out

So after what proved to be a pretty whack year for records, things have ended on a high for me with the last minute arrival of this test press:

Nico sent me a link to this on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I asked if he had it & he replied yes... but added that if he didn't, then he wouldn't have told me about it in the first place. I think I had said the same to him about the purple Husker Du record I made him buy a few weeks previous. I love this about record collectors - we're all friends but we're all rivals at the same time. Fortunately, this time around there was no rivalry, so I was able to snag this test press for Dag Nasty's second LP 'Wig Out At Denko's' without fuss or bother.

I like how this has one hand written label and one stamped. Much cooler than two blank labels. It didn't come with a sleeve, so I got one off of my shelf to take this pic, as it is a legal requirement to take such a snap when test pressings only come in a white paper sleeve.

Kinda cool that one of the first records I picked up this year was a 'Can I Say' test press, and I'm ending the year with 'Wig Out At Denkos'. Not just because I have managed to acquire two Dag Nasty tests, but also because I got them in order. Based on this I'm now expecting 'Field Day' to rear it's head... although, to be honest, I'd rather just skip straight to 'Four On The Floor', haha!

Picking up this record was also a reminder that I had filmed the first couple of songs from when I saw the band play back in August. So I uploaded it to boobtube today. This also served as a reminder that I never got around to picking up the 7" they released this year. Ah well. Maybe next year...


itallcomesdowntothis said...

Awesome pick up. And you're totally right about the friends-rivals-issue, which can be great, but sometimes also poses a dilemma. Anyway, make sure to buy the new Dag Nasty 7". Wanting Nothing is such a great song.

Nico said...

Excellent pick up, it ended up in good hands. Totally true on the rivalry part.
But the first Four On The Floor test hitting the market has my name on it. ;)