Sunday, 8 May 2016

Rot In Finland

A couple of months ago Rot In Hell went to Finland to play two shows. I didn't know about it at the time as I don't know anything anymore, but I soon became aware when pictures of a tour record surfaced. Turns out it was actually a limited tour cover made for 60 copies of the 'Termini Terrae' 7" that came out on Dark Empire Records back at the end of 2012. I guess they had a few copies leftover. The tour cover was made by Sam Layzell, who is (I think) the current bass player and a tattoo artist. So it looks pretty good like.

The blue dust sleeve is numbered out of 60.

The record also comes with a flyer for the two Finland shows, which is a nice momento for those who were there. And also those who were not.

So apparently the old singer is now back in the band. The replacement left and the old one came back. It's a bit like one of those games of chess where a player makes a move and then three years later the opponent finds time to take their turn.

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