Sunday, 22 February 2015

Testicle Explosion

After partaking in the 'January record a day' thing on instagram, I've been listening to a lot of Two Line Filler. The band were my choice for day 5, for which the category was 'underrated artist'. After putting up a picture of their LP and first 7", it occurred to me that they had other records that I didn't own. So I went to discogs to see what I could get, and found this split 7" with Fadeaway for cheap. The Two Line Filler side has the worst cover of all time, as you can see:

I actually used to own this 7" on black vinyl, but traded it back in about 1999 or so for a Slugfest 7". I thought it was a good trade at the time, and it still seems like a good trade to me in the current climate.

This always seemed like an odd spit to me. Two Line Filler were a poppy punk style band, whilst Fadeaway were the epitome of 90s chugga chugga hardcore. They were from Buffalo and featured Scott Vogel on drums, as well as (I think) some dude from Snapcase doing something else. They had a CD out on Conquer The World Records, and this split 7". They were good. I wish CTW had pressed the album on vinyl as well as CD. No idea why they didn't, as the label did release a lot of vinyl back in those days.

This copy that I have just picked up comes on limited purple vinyl. It's not really visible in the photos above, so I took the obligatory photo of the record with the light behind it to prove that I'm not making it up.

This here represents what is good about the internet. When this came out in the mid 90s, I didn't even know that a purple vinyl copy existed, and even if I did it would have been impossible to find one. But to get this in 2015, all I had to do was go to discogs, click with my mouse a couple of times, pay a trivial amount of money that probably wouldn't even buy me lunch, and a few days later it was in my hands. It feels a lot more fun to buy low cost, forgotten rarities like this than paying big money for something that every man and his dog is chasing. I think I need more cheap gems like this in my life...


massivewaste said...

Yes nothing beats to explore little gems like this no one is interested in anymore for small money. It's the aspect of discovering good music that beats the commercial side that has stuck on Punk music from the beginning. And there are so many good bands no one takes care of. And exactly this is what makes blogs like this so important. Who else would care?

geoff said...

this is one of the few records i have ever been ripped off on when trying to buy. bought a couple of them off a one of the 2 line filler guys. the guy just ripped me off. this was 15 years or so ago and i still remember. still bitter, and gave me more reason to dislike canadians. :)

Mike said...

Warning: This post contains photos of neither testicles nor explosions. Disappointed.