Saturday, 28 February 2015

I Am 7

Wow. Time really does fly. It was 7 years ago today that I started this blog.

To prove it, and for nostalgia's sake, here's a link to my first post from 28 February 2008. It was a for a Rain On The Parade 7" - First Post

Life has moved on a lot in 7 years, although in many ways everything is still the same. I think this blog gets less readers now than ever judging from the stats, but I'm ok with that. Thanks to anyone who still reads or comments though, it's appreciated.


massivewaste said...

Hi, congrats! Please go on with this blog, too many have closed down! Sharing Pictures on Instagram is not the same.

itallcomesdowntothis said...

Congrats, mate.Your blog has been a great inspiration to get my own blog started. Hope you'll continue doing The Endless Quest for a long time to come.

Willem RWHAF said...

Your blog is 7 but you are way longer into collecting. I noticed that in your posts now and then and from your collection.
I started my blog in June 2008 but somehow it took me more than 6 months to get things going further.
Anyway congrats in still finding pleasure in doing this site and I hope posts keep appearing. Although you started a bit earlier (Mike was first?) I had a great time back then in doing my blog almost simultaneous with yours.

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog daily (even though I'm commenting rarely). please keep it up. you have one of the best vinyl blogs around!

snwbrd461 said...

Congrats on 7! I do frequent your blog, not daily but definitely weekly. Your posts have even gotten a few friends of mine into collecting, and I love reading and learning about some of the things you're posting. Keep it up!

Mike said...

Thankfully you still do this, so that I don't feel like I'm making a bunch of hardcore kids sad when I post metal records. Thanks for giving them a place they can still call home.