Saturday, 14 February 2015


2015 is off to a good start. Here's another one of my wants bagged. This version of the Floorpunch 'Division One Champs' 7" is actually THE rarest version of them all. Yes, even rarer than the gold vinyl... although that one sells for 5-10 times as much. This is the DC/NJ pressing, made for a tour back in 1999. It has the same Judge rip off cover as the Euro tour press, but this version has regular labels on the record.

This version is a red stamp inside the sleeve and is numbered out of only 75 copies. This means that there are 13 fewer copies of this version than the gold one. I'm not exactly sure why this one sells for so much less, but I would say that it's because it's not too significantly different from the Euro tour press with Judge sleeve, and it's on black vinyl. If this version were on color wax, and had a cover which was different and unique, then I'm sure this one would go for a hell of a lot more.

It's funny, but now that I have this I'm only missing two variants, which are the regular black vinyl copies, both first and second press. I was never really into collecting regular copies, but I now feel kinda compelled to pick them up...


massivewaste said...

Nice pickup. The farewell press /100 is actually on colored vinyl and also does go for 1/10 or less of the gold.

Willem RWHAF said...

What's up with the 'T D T' stamp? Any stories about that?