Saturday, 20 September 2014

Ruined Empire

It's been a while since a new Rot In Hell record dropped. And whilst this release isn't exactly new (it's a compilation of previous released stuff), it's still technically a 2014 release. This was pressed up by Organized Crime Records for RSD 2014, hence the delay in me getting a copy - I didn't bother with it this year. But I had a friend grab me a few releases from a store near him, which I finally received a few short weeks ago. The RSD version was on grey vinyl.

There was also a more limited version sold by the label directly, on clear with black smoke vinyl. Obviously I had to pick up one of those too.

The dust sleeve is stamped and numbered out of 111 copies. If you are interested, it seems that there are still copies available in the Organized Crime store.

When I ordered these, I also took the opportunity to pick up the clear vinyl version of the split 12" with Psywarfare. I had previously picked up the white one, so it's nice to have the second colour too.

Shame about the distinct lack of test presses in this post. With any luck I can rectify the situation at some point in the not too distant future.

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