Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WNITA Blue Cover

Youth Of Today are one of those bands that I don't really think that I collect. But somehow I now own something like 32 Youth Of Today records. In the early days I remember I wasn't interested in owning any of the European pressings, but then at some point that changed and I decided to try to pick up the coloured pressings. Oh, and then I decided that I wanted one of the We Bite Records copies of 'We're Not In This Alone' because I liked the blue cover it came in. So here we are. I finally picked one up.

The front cover has the same photo as the Caroline Records version with the red cover. But the back of this blue version is completely different to the Caroline version. A weird blotchy logo in yellow and individual photos of the band members which are very different choices to those chosen for the Caroline pressing.

I love how Ray actually looks like the Incredible Hulk on here. I mean, seriously, this could be a photo lifted straight out of a Marvel comic. Interestingly, Porcell looked a bit 'hulkish' on the back cover of the Caroline pressing. Makes me wonder if they were engaged in some kind of 'who can look most like the hulk' contest at the time this was recorded.

The inner sleeve is one of those that doubles up as an insert. It has lyrics on one side and THAT photo on the reverse:

I might get around to taking a photo of my Youth Of Today LPs at some point soon. I have a lot more than I thought I did. Quiet how I amassed them all I'm still unsure.

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