Monday, 30 June 2014

Now Is What Matters Now

So when I ordered my blue vinyl Bane LP recently, I saw that Green Hell had an exclusive colour of the new Gameface LP in their store. I was always a fan of Gameface, although their last couple of LPs lacked the energy of the others... but that was years ago. I figured that if the band had taken the time and effort to reform, and found the energy to record a new LP, then maybe it would have a bit more 'get up and go' about it than the last couple of records. So I took a chance and picked up a copy. I don't speak German at all, so had to use google's translator to check out in the store, but without understanding a word of German I could tell that this version was limited to 100. The description in the store said 'Bei Greenhell gibt es eine auf 100 St. weltweit limitierte col. Version (Transparent Dark Green)!'. So I figured it was worth checking out.

The only thing that seems odd is that there's a number stamped on the back cover, and I have number 501. I'm guessing that either this is not limited to 100 after all, or these are numbered from 500 to 600 if there are 100, as the label has two different colours in their webstore which are out of 250 copeis each.

After the first listen or two I thoguht this was boring and started wondering why I bothered buying it. But I gave it a couple more chances and now it would be fiar to say that I'm hooked. This kinda stuff seems great in Summer for some reason, so please excuse me if I slap on my shades and some sun cream and listen to this laying on the lawn.

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xtinox said...

if you ever have problems again with translating something from german into english, fire me a mail. i'll help you out.