Sunday, 13 July 2014


Instagram seems to be more and more important these days. A few weeks ago, several people on my feed put up pictures of an LP called 'Sacrifice Poles'. I had no idea what it was the first couple of times I saw it, but the more it cropped up the more curious I became. So I looked it up, and I was glad I did, because it was something that I previously hadn't known that I needed. If you read this sticker that was on the front of the poly sleeve, you'll understand why.

Being a big Cave In fan, I decided that I needed this ASAP. Unfortunately, the label was already sold out. I guess pressing only 500 meant that they got through them pretty quick. However, I found an eBay seller in the UK who had some, so I got one pretty quickly and easily. I wasn't given a choice of colour, but by chance I got the black vinyl, which is actually the rarer of the two made (200 black, 300 blue).

As you can see, the packaging is pretty minimal on this. I guess it suits the music. At first I found this quite interesting, but then I got bored before I even got to the end of the record. These are instrumental 'songs' that were outtakes of the recording sessions for 'Jupiter'. I can see why most of them never really went anywhere or got used. Having said that, I need to give it a few more chances. Never write anything off prematurely is a lesson I've learnt many times over the years.

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