Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Edge Of Quarrel

This record has been on my wants list forever. It's super rare and not many people even know it exists. It's a Undertow 7" called 'The Edge Of Quarrel'. The story on this record is that this is a rare variant of the Undertow / Resolution split 7". The songs got sent to the pressing plant, but somehow the plant sent back a 7" which missed off the Resolution songs completely, meaning that this version contains only the Undertow songs (one on each side of the record). Covers were made and these were sold, then the proper split 7" was pressed. Just like the Chung King, only 110 copies of this exist in total (plus tests).

According to discogs, some of these have the song titles hand written on the labels. If I was an ultra nerd, I'd probably want one of those too. But given the number of years it has taken me to find one of these at all, I'm happy with what I have for once.


Doug W said...

Mind blown. Had no idea this existed. Fuck. Want to sell it?

geoff said...

one of the rarest hc records out there! nice job.

zeroXedge said...

I have those songs on black vinyl with different labels and a b&w cover feat. Slayer pictures. Anyone have any details on that?

mcs said...

Doug - it's taken me years to find one of these. As much as I'd love for you to have one, I wouldn't want to deny you the pleasure of the search. Good luck!

zeroXedge - I also have that same version. I think there are 200 of those. It's a nice one to have.