Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Worn Through The Layer Of Purple

I am a fool at times. I have so many records in piles around the edge of my room that things get mislaid at times. Things form their own piles and after a while I have several piles with no order to them. All piles start with an order, e.g. records by artist from A-M... but then eventually it goes wrong. I'll get a record by an artist with a name starting with 'S' and, in a moment of laziness, put it at the front of the 'A-M' pile. After that, it's all ruined, and the pile loses any sense of order.

So anyway, I received a few 7"s almost two months ago, and some of them got missed from this blog due to getting sucked into one of my piles. So now I'm catching up with old new stuff. Ugh.

I don't imagine too many people are still interested in Harvest records in 2013. Their day was mid to late 90s. This here 7" was, I think, their first release and came out on Ferret Records. I heard once that all Ferret releases had a very limited pressing on purple vinyl. I don't know for sure if that's true or not, although I do have a Converge 7" on the same label on a limited purple wax, so I think it's certainly likely. Well anyway, I always liked this band, and I was happy enough to grab this limited pressing of their first 7" for pretty cheap. And I'm sure that whilst not many people care about this band in 2013, someone would definitely want this enough to pay much more than I did.

I have to say, purple vinyl is a great colour. It comes in many different shades. It's nearly (but not quite) as nice as pink vinyl. Nearly.