Wednesday, 23 October 2013

When I Get Old

I was pleased with myself recently for bagging a bargain. I watched one of these Descendents 'When I Get Old' 7"s end on a couple of weeks ago for $49. Kinda funny to me that it could go for so much, as this just looks like one of those cheap, mass produced records. No doubt when this came out it was in every record store in the world for a standard 7" price. Now, it sells for a lot even though it looks awful. I guess that's how it goes. Anyhow, I said I got a bargain. About 24 hours after the $49 copy sold, another copy ended on, which I won for £8.50. That translates to about $13.50... which is clearly significantly cheaper than $49. I was feeling pretty good about this, until the record arrived in what I can only describe as 'dipshit packaging', resulting in badly bent corners.

The record looks like cheap plastic in normal conditions. But holding it to the light it takes on a life of its own and makes for a much more interesting photo:

Unfortunately, due to the condition, I now need to find another copy. Ugh.

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