Monday, 1 April 2013

Rot In Hell Catch Up

You know how it is when you collect a lot of records. There you are, going all out for one band's stuff, and then for whatever reason you miss one. Maybe you get distracted by something more urgent. Anyway, it happens to us all, and it happened to me with a couple of Rot In Hell releases. So recently I remembered about them and then decided to catch up.

First up, the split 6" with Vegas. This came out on Organized Crime Records, and was initially only available on black vinyl as part of the label's Halloween 2011 surprise package. I didn't order one at the time, and once I saw one regretted it. The label then pressed it on both red and yellow vinyl, which I also didn't order, due to being annoyed at myself for missing the black. I know, I know... weird. Well anyway, over a year later and I managed to pick up all three versions with relative ease... and a bit of luck.

I picked up the black and red vinyl from the band. The black copy comes as it would have originally, wax sealed in a black envelope. (I haven't opened mine, but if you are curious as to what is inside then you can see that HERE)

The yellow copy I picked up from the label, to (nearly) complete the set. The only thing missing is the test press. But I'm happy enough with this little collection, especially as I slept on this release for so long.

Next is the more recent 'Termini Terrae' 7", which came out in December of last year. I ordered a test press and both blue and white vinyl copies from the label at the pre-order stage, and when they arrived I saw the label then reveal a small number of red and black vinyl copies. However, I also saw that the band would be getting these colours, so decided to wait and order within the UK rather than wait for another overseas order. The only thing was, after this I forgot all about it. Fortunately, when I remembered about this a couple of weeks ago, there were still copies of each colour left.

Added to the white and blue copies and the test, this represents a complete collection on this one as far as I am aware.

At least this was pretty easy. But for various reasons, I'm also behind by about five Integrity releases, which I don't think they will be anywhere near as easy to catch up unfortunately. Ah well, at least it gives me something to do...


Willem Termote said...

Weird because the test for that VEGAS/RIH 6 inch is actually a 7inch... How can you use the test of a 7inch stamper then for testing the vinyl stampers of a 6inch? If you readers get what I mean?

Willem Termote said...

check thi sat the RIH bandcamp;

mcs said...

I think the point of the test press is more to test sound quality. So size doesn't really matter. But I think the stamper stamps the vinyl pellets into a disc, and then the stamped disc is trimmed. So on a 6" I guess they just trim off an extra inch.

Willem Termote said...

OK, this makes it clearer MCS! So probably the outer parts towards the border of the vinyl test aren't grooved then.

23rotations said...
Not sure if you've seen this bud? Been up a few days