Monday, 22 April 2013

Rival Schools 'Found'

Sometimes you get screwed over and you're a willing participant.

A few weeks ago I saw some announcement or other somewhere to tell me that there was a new Rival Schools LP about to drop. Actually that's not quite true. I mean, there was a newly pressed LP about to come out, but this was the 'lost' second album from way back in the early 00's. You know - the one that everyone has the mp3s of. Well it turns out that someone decided to press it up on vinyl and call it 'Found' and present it as a new LP.

I've always loved Wally. He has this knack of writing a catchy tune or two. So I wanted the record. But when I got the website to place an order I was presented with a choice of either gold vinyl or black vinyl, each limited to 500 copies. Usually I would have gone with the gold and left it there. But the thing is, the previous two Rival Schools LPs only came out on black vinyl (obviously I'm choosing to ignore any picture disc variations of the last one as picture discs generally don't count), so I kinda wanted to keep the black vinyl collection intact. So basically, like a sucker, I ordered both.

So as soon as this arrived I google'd the record looking for mp3s and then found a picture of the LP on green. What the hell? I had seen no mention of a green. So I google'd a bit more to discover that the green was limited to 250 and only available to fools in the UK. Seeing as it was still available, the rarest color, and also shipping from just down the road from me, I figured I would pick one up. I mean, why not?

So the worst thing is that as soon as this arrived I then found out that there is also a clear vinyl copy, also out of 250 copies! Fuck my life. If they had only pressed black vinyl I would have been happy with that just like the previous two LPs, but now I can feel the compulsion to order myself the fourth colour to complete the set.

Like I said, sometimes you're a willing participant in getting screwed over.

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Chris said...

I feel the same way you do. I just ordered the clear after having to track down the green.