Sunday 1 July 2012

Pitchfork 7" on Clear... Again

Two and a half years ago I acquired my white whale of record collecting - the Pitchfork 'Saturn Outhouse' 7" on Nemesis Records on clear vinyl. It had eluded me for 18 years or something stupid and after finally getting the chance to own one, I paid whatever it took. I knew I overpaid, but I didn't care. If you never read the story then please go back in time and read about it in THIS POST.

Funnily enough, on a couple of occasions, my girlfriend asked me if I would buy another copy if I saw one for sale. I said that I would if the price wasn't too high. Well, a couple of months back the opportunity presented itself and I couldn't resist picking one of these things up... again.

No doubt some people would think that owning a second copy of something is stupid, but I have to say that this is a cool copy to have. These things are numbered out of 100, but this copy I bagged is number 104/100. Someone has also written next to the number 'Stop it Right Now ok!'. Just like the infamous Chung King LP, there are clearly more than 100 of these things, despite the '/100' number suggesting otherwise. So if there are numbers greater than 100 out there, I'm stoked to have one, as it makes this copy different.

It's also nice to have a copy I can play and handle, as the previous copy I bought has been 'unavailable' for a while now. Yup, I got it framed as a testament to all the hassle it put me through over the years. It now hangs on my wall and I enjoy it on a daily basis.

Oh yeah, I still want a test press of this if by some miracle anyone can help.


Across Your Face said...

That looks great above your collection! I have been thinking about framing some of mine lately too.

Anonymous said...

How did you got it framed?

Mike said...

And you managed to get one without my help! Nicely done.

mcs said...

Not exactly, Mike. This & the Nemesis comp 7" were in the last package you sent over to me :o)

Alternate 1995 said...

When I picked up a second copy of the record I wanted more than anything, I did the same thing. I framed it. Great job man.