Thursday, 29 June 2017

Field Day

Last year I saw Dag Nasty play in London. A couple of months later I picked up a test press of the 'Can I Say' LP. Both of these events made me realise that I don't have a particularly great Dag Nasty collection. I mean, for starters I was missing their worst album. So months later I had to put that right.

This grren vinyl copy is the Euro press on We Bite Records. I did really want the green vinyl US pressing on Giant Records, but that seems to appear less frequently, and cost more when it does appear. So when this copy appeared on discogs from a UK seller, I figured the time was right to add this to my collection.

I actually used to own this LP about 23 years ago on black vinyl. But at the time I thought it was shit so I sold it. I still don't think it's very good, but somehow the green vinyl makes it more attractive.


nico said...

I had the same problem, finding the USA green vinyl is much harder than the European counter part.

Anonymous said...

how did you found out that someone is selling it ?