Saturday, 1 July 2017

Killed For Test

Five years ago there was a thread on the Revelation Collectors Board where fools were asked to post their top 10 Rev wants. Back then I listed the 'New York City Hardcore The Way It Is' green vinyl test press as my number one want. A year later I obtained it. Number two on my list was a Sense Field 'Killed For Less' test press. I placed it so high on the list because, back when it was released it totally took over my life. I played it every day for months and couldn't tire of it. Anyway, five years after putting it as my second most wanted Revelation item, I've managed to obtain one.

This came about completely out of the blue. Someone put a comment on instagram to say that they had one, I messaged them, they told me they would part with it, we worked out a deal, and within two weeks I had it. Pretty much a perfect sequence of events.

I probably say this all the time, but I never thought I would ever own this as only 4 copies exist. I know someone else that has one, and then I imagine that Kevin Finn probably has one too. So if anyone else wants one then there's only realistically one copy out there that may be obtainable. Good luck!

As for the rest of my Rev want list, the other 8 items are still there. They are all test presses, and I would be surprised if I ever get any of them. Given that I am averaging one every two and a half years, then maybe try checking back in 2020 to see the next...

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nico said...

Great score!