Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Blessed Majesty

So it was 7 years ago that A389 Records released Integrity's 'To Die For' LP as a 10" record. And back then I pushed the boat out and paid for a test press. I was pretty stoked back then because the test press was on a cool blue vinyl, and numbered out of only 5 copies. Well, at some point later I learnt that there was also a red vinyl test press too. I had no idea when it was released, and suddenly felt short changed. I mean, imagine, you fork out some big money for a test press and then find out that there was another different test press. So I waited and waited and eventually I managed to get one.

I do like the cover on the red vinyl test press. Definitely the most attractive cover in this set of 10"s for sure.

Well anyway, shit got worse, because after I found out that there was a red vinyl test press, which I was chasing, I then found out that there was also a black vinyl test press too!!! I mean, holy crap, three different test presses. What the fuck was going on? No idea, but it really doesn't matter. The point is, it's an Integrity record, it exists, I need to have it. And fortunately, I managed to grab one at the same time as the red one.

So finally the quest for the 'To Die For' test presses is complete:

There are 25 test presses in total - 5 blue, 15 red and 5 black. Obviously there can't be more than 5 people who could possibly own all three, so I count myself very lucky here. Or possibly very stupid. Definitely one of the two.

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