Monday, 19 June 2017

A Second (And Third) Glimpse

When the latest Dinosaur Jr LP came out last year, it felt that there were too many colours of vinyl, and as is often the case with new releases, I was determined not to get sucked in. So I went to my local shop and purchased a purple vinyl copy. And I thought I was happy. Well, that was until I realised that purple vinyl was out of like three million copies, and there was a rare clear vinyl version. Then I wasn't quite so happy after all. But by good luck, and via a reader of this blog, I was able to get a copy of the clear vinyl from Newbury comics direct for much less than copies were trading hands for on eBay and discogs.

And of course, once I had the purple and clear, I couldn't help then going to the Amoeba Records online store to order a copy of their exclusive blue vinyl version too, in order that I may 'complete the set'.

So there it is. Proof once again that if there are multiple versions available, I will make it difficult for myself by ignoring them when they first launch, only to then decide I want them once they are sold out. Fortunately, however, this time my own dumbass plan backfired and I ended up with all three copies for new release prices.

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