Saturday, 10 December 2016


So the third Black Friday release that I picked up a couple of weeks back was this reissue of the 1997 LP from Integrity, 'Seasons In The Size Of Days'. Organized Crime Records have just reissued it on white vinyl. I think there were 700 copies made.

The original LP came in a regular sleeve, but this reissue is a gatefold. However, I haven't opened it as that would involve taking the shrink wrap off, which I didn't really want to do.

So this was a good reminder that a few weeks ago I received a test press of this one. I've somewhat got out of the blog habit this year due to lack of records, so picking up the Black Friday copy was a good reminder to take some photos of the few things I have received recently before the year ends. This test has a sleeve handmade by Dwid:

Here's the test sleeve next to the original 1997 LP cover:

And the back of the sleeve, which features the same art as the insert to the original release:

Digging out the original LP from my collection I found it had a press release sheet inside. I think this was because I did a zine back then and got sent Victory promo CDs. Anyway, I took a photo and figured I would upload it in case anyone was interested:


Mike said...

Be brave. Take the shrinkwrap off.

Willem RWHAF said...

I like these test hand made by Dwid. Intriguing to see how good the recent hand made cover matches the cover made in 1996.

PS: Good to see some Integrity posts again... I ordered the MMXVI from Organized Crime, so I'll probably be posting some content also. I'll see if the inspiration comes. I don't post all my purchases, never have done.