Sunday, 4 September 2016

Higher Power 'Year One Collection' 12"

My record room is such a mess right now. I have cubes full of LPs, then a shelf unit with LPs I bought last year, then I have three piles of LPs on the floor of things I've picked up this year. The three piles on the floor are in no order whatsoever, and it seems that whenever a new record comes in it just goes into one of the three piles. It's random, and as a consequence I forgot about this Higher Power 'Year One Collection' 12".

Higher Power are a UK band from Leeds, which is a city approximately 200 miles north of London. I used to live there but moved away about ten years ago. It always had a good hardcore scene, but the last few years it kinda went next level. Higher Power are one of the newer bands who are earning a real name for themselves, having toured the States and Europe.

This 12", released by Control Records, compiles the demo and the 'Space To Breathe' 7" that were both released in 2015. There were only 135 copies made in total. I bought this when it was released and it arrived when I was away on holiday. So I've had it since the beginning of July, but misplaced it for two months.

I love these really minimal, basic looking 12"s, probably partly because they remind me of the Straight Ahead 12", although I acknowledge that if you come here to see pictures of records then this one is probably slightly disappointing.


Mike said...

You may buy more newer Hardcore records than I do now.

geoff said...

for a 'boring' record, you were able to get quality photos of it and make it look rather nice. well done. now i will go listen to this because i keep forgetting to.

mcs said...

Yes, Mike, probably. I think I've bought at least two this year.